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born on the 8th of March in 1956 in Flensburg, Germany
At the age of 18 (in 1974) he went through Europe by hitch-hiking. Starting from Germany (Flensburg) via Austria, Yugoslavia to Greece, going on by busses and trains throug Turkey, Persia (Iran), Afghanistan and via Pakistan to India (Delhi, Bombay and Goa). Then he went the long and hard way back to Germany.
At the age of 19 (in 1975) he signed on a cargo ship and traveled the Mediterranean Sea: Neapel, Livorno, Genua, Marseille, Barcelona (bought a Flamenco Guitar), Valencia, Malaga. Atlantic Ocean: Casablanca, Tanger, Cadiz, up to Lisbon and Porto. From there across the pond chiefly to the Caribean Sea, passing the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean. Crossing-the-line ceremony.
South America: Ecuador, Porto Viejo. Central America: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico. North America: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Canada up to Vancouver.
MARK EINS, NUTTY NORMAN and GENEE ROMEE started in West Berlin the synthesized Punkband Testbild which formed together with the band Din A 4 the band DIN A TESTBILD since 1978.
Moved to West Berlin. MARK EINS started together with GUDRUN GUT the band DIN A TESTBILD, which became a kind of cult item, starting with that also the legendary Punk Vanguard Scene in West Berlin in whose footprints tapped bands like Einstürzende Neubauten, Tödliche Doris and Frieder Butzmann among others.
Gig at the opening of the legendary club S.O.36 in Berlin Kreuzberg (Festival of The Berlin Wall commemorating the building of The Berlin Wall on the 13th of August in 1961, organized by MARTIN KIPPENBERGER. LP launched in limited edition, Sampler containing as cover the square steel-plates of the dancefloor from the S.O.36 . After the closure of the S.O.36 in 1979 these plates were ripped out just for this purpose. At the opening were joining among others S.Y.P.H. (HARRY RAG), Mittagspause, MALE, Stukka Pilot, PVC and DIN A TESTBILD.
Appearance of IGGY POP and DAVID BOWIE in the early morning after the concert at the S.O.36, who lived in West Berlin in these days. From time to time one could meet IGGY POP at the bar Punkhouse at the Leniner Platz, where MARK EINS was earning his money as a waiter with seaman's knowledge.
Concert DIN A TESTBILD at the RATINGER HOF, Düsseldorf (compliments to CARMEN!)
Acting in a role of the drama "The Coot" written by STANISLAW IGNACY WITKIEWICZ at the Freie Volksbühne, Berlin
DIN A TESTBILD launched their first Single "Abfall/Garbage, Glas Konkav" with NUTTY NORMAN, GENEE ROMEE, FRANK VON DER BEEK, IAN WRIGHT and RALF ZIMMERMANN (now drummer at the band GRAAF).
Touring through Germany: Flensburg, Kiel, Lübeck, Hamburg, Hannover, Bremen, Osnabrück, Münster, Dortmund, Herne, Köln, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt,…
Until the year 1984 MARK EINS visited often the Academy of Arts, Berlin, (now called UdK), joining courses of Prof. K. H. HÖDICKE and ALLAN JONES. Performance studies at the star of Fluxus, WOLF VOSTELL.
DIN A TESTBILD New Years Eve Concert at the Quartier Latin, Berlin, Potsdamer Strasse, together with the bands Tempo and White Russia.
Gig at the Festival in Hamburg called "In die Zukunft" ("Into the Future") among others with Hans-A-Plast, KFC, MALE, Die Geisterfahrer und DIN A TESTBILD, organized by ALFRED HILSBERG, launched LP "In die Zukunft" ("Into the Future"), Ripp Off Records, Hamburg (Sampler)
Performance with paintress BARBARA HEINISCH in the House of Artists "Bethanien", Berlin. Arising of the painting "Ostern II" ("Easter II"), Collection Church Pax-Christi, Krefeld
Other performances with BARBARA HEINISCH, EGON SCHRICK and DIN A TESTBILD in the Association of Art, Frankfurt
Concerts DIN A TESTBILD in the berlin clubs Flöz (guest star: KIEV STINGL) and Exxcess
Record contract with DIN A TESTBILD at the Label from KLAUS SCHULZE "Innovative Communication" (IC). Producing the LP "Programm 1" (style: synth./Punk)
Working with ROSA VON PRAUNHEIM on his movie "Rote Liebe" ("Red Love").
MARK EINS works together with KLAUS SCHULZE in his studio nearby Celle and FUNKY GÖTZNER (Ton Steine Scherben) on his second album "Programm 2" which is released in the very same year
Gig at the Festival "Geniale Dilettanten" ("Ingenious Dilettantes") in the Tempodrom, Berlin, with Malaria, Gudrun Gut & Blixa Bargeld, Einstürzende Neubauten (in orginal cast), Tödliche Doris & Wolfgang Müller, Sprung aus den Wolken, Kiddy Citny, WestBam, Frieder Butzman and DIN A TESTBILD among others, presented by WIELAND SPECK
Exhibition in cooperation with the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) in Budapest, Ungarn under the motto "Living and working in Budapest". Participating berlin artists: ANNE JUD, ELVIRA BACH, EVA MARIA SCHÖN, CATHARINA COSIN, LISA LANCELLE, HELMUT METZNER, CHRISTIAN HASUCHA and ANTAL LUX, Catalogue. Thanks to VOLKER DIEHL
Premiere of the movie from ROSA VON PRAUNHEIM "Rote Liebe". Female star role: SASCHA HAMMER, male star role: MARK EINS, film music by MARK EINS. Other actors are among others the fabulous EDDIE CONSTANTIN, ALEXANDRA KOLLANTAI, TUTU and ROLF EDEN.
Release of DIN A TESTBILD s third Album "Programm 3". MARK EINS produces this time on his own in his studio in West Berlin (Wedding), in view of the Berlin Wall and the Strip of Death. This time MARK EINS is working with his crony ZIGGY SCHÖNING. ZIGGY composes two titles of the album and goes on tour with DIN A TESTBILD through Italy, Austria and Germany. The italian following increases among other reasons because of some broadcasts and interviews during the tour.
In the meantime DIN A TESTBILD gets feedback from whole Europe, selling several albums in Spain, France, Great Britain and Scandinavia.
Releasing in UK an best-of album of "Programm 1" and "Programm 2", called "Come Into My Satisfactory", selled by AMERICAN PHONOGRAPH. Even in the USA are sales of "Programm 1" and "Programm 2", German Industrial Synth./Punk
Movie project with DAVID VOSTELL called "Ginger Hel", film music and star role by MARK EINS. Costumes made by designer ANGELA BRUNO.
Working with ANNE JUD on her "Dollar Caro Composition". Performance with ANNE JUD in Stockholm, Sweden, at the event "Gefühl und Härte" ("Sensibility and Harshness").
Event "Berliner Kunst der Gegenwart" ("Berlin Art of the Present") by the GOETHE INSTITUT
MARK EINS is medalled by the swedish "Konstnarsclubben" after performing in a club his version of the song of BERTOLT BRECHT/KURT WEIL "Alabama" (The Moon Of Stockholm City).
Performance of "Dollar Caro Composition" by ANNE JUD and MARK EINS in Hamburg and Berlin (Video)
Back in Berlin MARK EINS produces the DIN A TESTBILD album "Programm 4". The record label won't release the album with the statement, that it contains too much Techno/Synth./Punk. MARK EINS pigeonholes the album.
Concert "HARRY RAG and MARK EINS" , Loft of the Metropol Theatre, Berlin, organized by MONIKA DOERING.
Concert on New Years Eve in the Ballhaus, Tiergarten (Berlin). First time MARK EINS performing solo. After the gig MARK EINS drank with his crony, the painter ILJA HEINIG, so much champagne, that he has to perform one more concert at the Ballhaus to pay the bill.
Collective exhibition together with DAVID VOSTELL and AXEL BRAND in Cologne, with the title "Liebe zu einem Tier (das sich selbst Mensch genannt)" ("Love to an animal (which called himself human)"). Star guest: the american Fluxus artist AL HANSON.
MARK EINS deposes his berlin suitcases in a lockbox at the main station in Bonn (according to the song of HILDEGARD KNEF "Ich hab noch 'nen Koffer in Berlin"). Two suitcases, one containing three disposable syringes filled with the colours black, red and gold as a symbol for the financial support for the main town and capital of Germany, the separated Berlin. In these times Bonn has just been the temporary seat of government of the Federal Republic of Germany. The second suitcase contains a cassette deck with an endless tape on which you can hear the journey by Metro under the then East Berlin in direction to free West Berlin. The journey starts at Voltastrasse, the last station of West Berlin, passing empty, dimmed out stations, only guarded by members of the People's police of the German Democratic Republic, until one can hear at Kochstrasse the first station of West Berlin. It's a scary, sad testimony of the History of Berlin.
Daughter SCARLETT NATALIE is born on 21st of April !!!
Second collective exhibition in Cologne together with ZIGGY SCHÖNING, AXEL BRAND, BERNARD BEN SALEM and CHRIS RÜGGE in the galery "KIK".
Performance "Großstadtmumien" ("Mummies of Metropolis") with ZIGGY SCHÖNING and RALF ZIMMERMANN during the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin IFA, broadcasted live on TV
Release of the Vinyl/CD Sampler "The Voice of Music" among others with: Enya, LAURIE ANDERSON, HOLGER CZUKAY (CAN), Tangerine Dream, Software, Megabyte and DIN A TESTBILD.
Fall of the Berlin Wall while working in the studio on the new album with UWE MIKULLA. Arising of the LP "Leipzig & Coca Cola"
New record contract. Release of the Vinyl/CD Sampler with the Best of DIN A TESTBILD "TV Junk and new Beat Funk". FRITZ HILPERT, also working with the band Kraftwerk, remixes three titles of the album: "Die Siebziger/The Seventies", "Urwaldliebe/Djungle love" and "She's so nice"
Release of the DIN A TESTBILD album "Leipzig & Coca Cola"
MARK EINS works again with UWE MIKULLA on the new album "Sex'n'Chaos". Consequently enhancing the style of sound collages, music as an acoustic movie, a pure experience of sound, far away from the common so-so melodies of Pop and Hit Songs.
Release of the album "Sex'n'Chaos", it bombs. There were sold less than 10.000 albums. Populace is looking for Love Songs and briefcase rhythms an lard sandwiches
MARK EINS applies hisself more on painting. The video clip "Blutbilder" ("Paintings of blood") arises, in which MARK EINS drew blood from his basilic vein with a syringe to paint with it. "The body is the building in which we are living, I paint strikingly, buildings as a portrait of human being, with colours and blood".
Release of the CD ROM "Berliner Mauermaler" ("Painters of the Berlin Wall") from 1984 up to 1997, by the photographer RALPH GRÜNDER, containing among others THIERRY NOIR, CHRISTOPH BOUCHET, KIDDY CITNY, ALEXANDER HACKE, PETER UNSIECKER, JOLLY KUNJAPPU and MARK EINS. "Painting on the Berlin Wall has been protest and advertising at the same time".
CD production of the DIN A TESTBILD singles "Fractal Trash" and "Bleeding Heart" together with NUTTY NORMAN. Limited edition at MARK EINS' own label TESTBILD MUSIC, created especially for limited editions.
Photograph of ELVIRA BACH, LISA LANCELLE, HELMUT METZNER and MARK EINS in the Art Magazine "art".
Single Exhibition "Casa Vecchia" in the galery "Kreativ" in Brandenburg. The exhibition attracts a huge interest with articles and interviews at the newspapers "Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung" and "Brandenburger Woche".
In February release of the DVD/CD/Vinyl sampler "Berlin Super 80" together with a hundred-sided book by CRIPPLED DICK HOT WAX! MONITORPOP ENTERTAINMENT including among others Malaria and Gudrun Gut, Die Haut, CHRISTIANE F. ("Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo"), Sprung aus den Wolken, FRIEDER BUTZMANN, MDK, PI/E, Tödliche Doris und WOLFGANG MÜLLER, Einstürzende Neubauten, Flucht nach vorn, Mono 45/UPM, Kosmonautentraum, ALEXANDER VON BORSIG, Ingrid Wiener, Mona Mur und DIN A TESTBILD.
The DVD contains Super-8 movies among others of Axel Brand, Christoph Doering, Wolkenstein und Markgraf, Yanna Yo, Jörg Buttgereit, Notorische Reflexe, Walter Gramming.
Premiere of the documentary film "Verschwende Deine Jugend" ("Waste Your Youth") by JÜRGEN TEIPEL and SIGRID HARDER at the film festivals in Berlin (Berlinale). It's a documentation about the years 1978-1984 and the Punk Scene in Düsseldorf and Hamburg and the vanguard music scene of West Berlin from these days. Reporting about the Krupps, DAF, Andrea Dorau, Fehlfarben, Syph and Harry Rag, Die Coroners, Abwärts, Palais Schaumburg, Gudrun Gut und Malaria, Blixa Bargeld und Einstürzende Neubauten, DIN A TESTBILD und MARK EINS.
In Novemer FRANK MAIER launches the Live Epic of "Geniale Dilettanten" from the Tempodrom in Berlin from the 4th of September in 1981 as a vinyl-on-demand CD/DVD/Vinyl Sampler. Containing all ones of a kind of the Berlin Music Vanguard.
MAX DIN A TESTBILDA says: "Music from a city (West Berlin) which exists no more." In this sampler took part: Tödliche Doris and Wolfgang Müller, Einstürzende Neubauten, Sprung aus den Wolken, Volker Hauptvogel and MDK, Gudrun Gut and Malaria, Frieder Butzmann, DIN A TESTBILD, and many more. Presented from the smart, genial WIELAND SPECK.
MARK EINS: "Thanks to WOLFGANG MÜLLER and BLIXA BARGELD for having the idea of "Geniale Dilettanten". I am proud to be a dilettante!"
With his label for limited editions Testbild Music MARK EINS releases archived material and own productions.
In January DIN A TESTBILD releases the CD "Trash Painting Sound Collage", a limited edition of 100 CDs, hand-signed, to be purchased by auction at ebay
Working together with band DIN A TESTBILD on a live act called "Stahl-Trash-Symphonie" with JÖRG ZIMMERMANN (bass, guitar, keys) and RALF ZIMMERMANN (drums) who both are members of the Heavy Metal band GRAAF.
"        In March MARK EINS turns 50 and does some experimental work in his studio to realize the Last Supper as a sound collage "My Last Supper"
2007To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band DIN A TESTBILD MARK EINS goes online with his internet independent label Testbild Music. Please check out at
Release of the album "DIN A TESTBILD Programm 5 Sample Attack" in November. Realized together with NUTTY NORMAN who composes and arranges two of six tracks on the album "Darker than blue" and "Matches". The cover was made by ZIGGY SCHÖNING, who joined DIN A TESTBILD at the album "Programm 3" and went on tour through Italy and Austria
Interview with MARK EINS at "Edition Blechluft 5"
Radio Shows in Greece with "Time Lord Michalis", in the UK at "BBC Bristol" and in the USA at "East Village Radio New York"
Movie from HARRY RAG (SYPH)
Concerts at the Ratinger Hof among others with DIN A TESTBILD and in the cinema of the cologne Museum Ludwig "Punk Explosion Part II"